My name is Rodrigo Aguilera. London-based economist by day, specializing in Mexican and Latin American issues. Diogenesian cynic by night, where I like to write about a myriad of topics besides economics, including politics, history, psychology, and philosophy. I’m an unabashed democratic socialist and enjoy debunking the idiocy of conservatives and libertarians. However, I am not above calling out nonsense on the left too.

You can read some of my previous work on Mexico and Latin America for the Huffington Post here (no longer updated):


I am currently writing on Mexico and Latin America for the London School of Economics’s Latin America and Caribbean Centre:


This blog combines all the posts of two of my previous blogs stretching back to 2011, and new stuff beginning in 2019. Do look around now that you’re here; I’m confident you’ll find plenty of interesting stuff!

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