I'm a firm believer that all data used for books and journal articles should be made public. The following are the links to all the data used for the charts and tables in my book, The Glass Half-Empty: Debunking the Myth of Progress in the Twenty-First Century. The The charts are provided exactly as published and numbered as in the book (white tabs are the charts and black tabs are the data). All data tabs have links to the original sources where appropriate.

The Glass Half-Empty

Chapter 1: Mad World (0)
Chapter 2: Getting Better (2)
Chapter 3: Twenty-First Century Breakdown (15)
Chapter 4: Masters of Puppets (6)
Chapter 5: The Big Money (6)
Chapter 6: And Justice For All (17)
Chapter 7: The Evil That Men Do (6)
Chapter 8: Renegades of Thought (0)
Chapter 9: Built For The Future (3)
Epilogue: Winds of Change (3)


I've done a lot of presentations over the years, mostly on Mexico and Latin America. Here are some of the most memorable ones. They were all given at public events (or in the case of AWAS, a company that no longer exists) so you may freely quote from any of them but make sure to reference!

I also once held an internal training session for the Economist Intelligence Unit on defense issues. This ended up becoming the largest PPT presentation I have ever made (but unlike the DoD's, is actually readable).